Visit the Amazon with the leading Ecotourism operator in the Amazon. Amazonia Expeditions is the leading ecotourism contributor to conservation, education and addressing the basic needs of the indigenous people. In business since 1981, we are the only licensed tour operator with access to Peru’s Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve, famed for its diversity of wildlife.

Our award winning jungle lodges on the Tahuayo River are open every day of the year. They are small lodges, keeping the rainforest experience personalized, intimate and manageable from an ecotour perspective. Sufficient English speaking men and women guides are available so that our guests can have an itinerary customized to their needs and interests.

Most important for you to consider, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with not one complaint ever filed by one of our guests in over 35 years. We are also rated #1 in the western Amazon by National Geographic and #1 in the Iquitos region by Trip Advisor, among many other honors. The #1 rating in National Geographic is based on conservation ethics while Trip Advisor rates client satisfaction, but there are many other considerations to choose our company, which are described in more detail on our website. Here is just a short list of eight aspects for you to consider:

1. Amazonia is the only company with access to the 440,000 hectare (1 million acre) ACRCTT conservation area, described by biologists as having the greatest biodiversity yet documented in the Amazon basin. We helped to establish the reserve and are active in its management.

2. The acidic water ecosystems of the Tahuayo River basin do not have the mosquito species Anopheles darlingi or Aedes aegypti, thus there is no zika, malaria, dengue or yellow fever; no malaria prophylaxis is necessary for the trip, unlike most other rainforest lodge locations.

3. You will be assigned a private guide; Amazonia’s guides have the best skills and highest training standards of any company in the Amazon. All of our guides have certification in wilderness first aid response.

4. You will have an itinerary customized to your needs and interests; we have the greatest range of itinerary options in the Amazon.

5. We are the only Iquitos based company with a canopy zipline system.

6. Our community support program has built the finest rural health clinic in the Amazon and pays for staff, equipment and supplies. We are currently building a high school for the communities of the upper Tahuayo River. That we have a fine clinic nearby enhances the safety aspects of your stay.

7. We have an active program of scientific research and affiliation with leading universities and other institutions.

8. There is satellite based wifi and internet access in both lodges, with electricity via solar power.