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Expedition into Africa: Amazonia Expeditions

Join us for our African Serengeti Great Migration Trip from March 4-12, 2018 with an Optional Gorilla extension in Uganda from March 12-16 starting from $4250. This adventure will be led by Amazonia staff biologist and celebrated nature photographer and author, Alfredo Dosantos Santillan A quick call can answer your questions. 1-800-262-9669

Trip Highlights

Throughout this journey, you will get to experience the majesty of the great African Serengeti Migration and the peaceful Gorillas of Uganda.  The highlights of the trip include:

  • A trek into the center of the Ngorongoro Crater alongside several guides
  • Several days of Safari rides alongside zebras, wildebeests, elephants, lions, and so much more during the peak migration season
  • An optional additional excursion to Uganda to witness the Majesty of the peaceful Mountain Gorillas
  • and more…

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During your trip, you will experience many locations in Africa. Amazonia aims to provide you with the best experience, and so will be traveling to the following locations for accommodations. Please note that locations are subject to change with equivalent accommodations based on availability.