Lodge Pictures

Reading Room

Coming in at High Water

Setting up temporary photo studio at the Lodge


Front of Lodge

Boardwalk connecting cabins

Lodge in dry season

Hammock room

Dinner at the Lodge

Modern private bathroom

Studying Amazon Wildlife Guides from library

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Recognized as one of the ten best wilderness lodges in the world by Outside Magazine.

Travel to the lodge requires that you fly into Iquitos, Peru. From Iquitos we take you by boat up the mighty Amazon River, for a distance of about 50 miles, then up the Tahuayo tributary, another 40 miles.

The trip takes 4 hours by our speedboat. Amazonia's main lodge on the Tahuayo River is not a resort, nor a hotel, but a rustic lodge, comfortable for adventurous travelers. There are fifteen cabins; some are honeymoon cabins, with a king-size bed, others are cabins with two beds and a few are family style cabins with one large bed and several single beds. Half of the cabins now have new private bathrooms. The other half of our cabins have shared bathrooms. Cabins with private bathrooms are assigned on the basis of earliest reservation.
Breakfast at the Lodge.

Breakfast at the Lodge.

Each cabin is raised above the jungle floor on stilts and is connected to other buildings of the lodge by a raised boardwalk. Other buildings include a modern kitchen built to the highest standard of sanitary food preparation, dining hall, areas to socialize and relax and a conservation education laboratory with library. The modern flush toilets and showers use a sanitary septic sytem. The water used in the plumbing comes from a well rather than water pumped from the river, which is typical of most jungle lodges.
There is some electricity provided by solar panels and batteries, so guests can recharge camera batteries or use CPAP machine. Lighting is provided by soft LED lights rather than the more dangerous kerosene lamps used in most other lodges. Satellite based phone, internet, and e-mail service are available. The food is prepared by a culinary staff and is considered by our guests as delicious. Special diets can be entertained with prior notice. We have much experience in sanitary food and water handling and preparation and thus you can eat anything served at the lodge, even salads and unpeeled fruit, items that are not generally recommended for consumption by tourists in South America.
Hammock room from afar.

Hammock room from afar.

There is a laundry staff and daily laundry service is provided for a small charge. We believe that this service is unique among jungle lodges.

In addition to a comfortable stay at our main lodge, tourists can also stay 1 to 3 nights at our new Research Center Lodge, which is located in remote pristine forest. The Research Center Lodge also has comfortable amenities, such as beautiful cabins and satellite services. Click on Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center for more information.

One of the cabins.

One of the cabins.