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Fieldwork Expeditions for Teacher Workshops or Student Groups

Amazonia Expeditions has a successful history of providing unique learning and travel experiences for high school and college groups. Our lodges have unique facilities for an enriching educational experience.

We have access to the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve, the only community managed rainforest reserve in Peru. Considered one of the most successful approaches to conservation in the Amazon, it provides an outstanding opportunity for students to learn about the dynamics and challenges of rainforest conservation.

The reserve allows us access to a diverse number of ecosystems, within easy reach of our lodge. The reserve boasts the highest number of mammalian species recorded in lowland Amazon, as well as the greatest number of primate species found in any protected park or reserve in the world. We also have 600 recorded species of birds as well as several species of amphibians and insects discovered here.

Our collaboration with the native population in reserve management has resulted in friendly relations which have created opportunities for our visiting teachers and students to learn about riberenos culture as well as for some research projects in anthropology.

Students with serious interest in science can participate in ongoing scientific research, the habituation of social groups of primates at our research center or transect sampling on the Amazon's largest trail grid (over 52 miles on 1000 acres). Our facilities include the longest zipline in the Amazon rainforest, and several platforms within the canopy. Students can have unlimited access to research projects in the forest canopy.

Our lodge was the site of research on Pink Dolphins used by Sy Montgomery to write her two books on these interesting marine mammals. Dr. William Rogers of Winthrop University has also been doing research on the pink dolphins at our facilities every June and July. otu


A network of motion activated cameras has been installed on the trail grid to study the movements of jaguars. Students can collect the camera memory cards to see the movements of wildlife during the evenings.

Our experienced staff will custom design your itinerary to match your interests and needs. Extensions to Cusco and Machu Picchu are also available. Because you are not dealing with a middle-man agency we can offer the lowest prices you can find for an Amazon rainforest field course, yet with the highest quality experience.

Contact us for references from teachers who have recently brought groups, current bird or primate list and also for any questions you may have.

  • "As a publishing animal behaviorist and ecologist, and scholar-in-residence, at The Latin School of Chicago, I have not missed a chance in five consecutive years to take students to Amazonia Expeditions's Tahuayo Lodge. The expert English spoken by nearly the entire staff keeps the information gathered on everyone's visit very high, and every student (of nearly 100) I have taken there to study rainforest issues has come home saying it was the single most life-changing experience of their lives to date. Comfort and real learning in the real jungle, with a staff that meets you when you land in Lima, takes care of your every need, and carries you back to send you home again at the Lima International airport."

    - Michael Pereira, Ph.D.

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