What gifts can I bring to the native people?


Gift giving must be done very carefully, to ensure that the relation between our guests and the natives continues to be one of mutual affection and does not degenerate into the natives becoming beggars for goods nor resentful because some of their neighbors receive special attention/gifts.  The relationship of our tourism company and the natives is managed by Dolly Beaver, herself a native of the region.  She makes sure that all of the people in the communities have access to medical care (Dolly built the clinic in Esperanza Village), that all qualified children have access to higher education, that the women are economically empowered and that the natives are incentivized and rewarded for contributing to the conservation of the region.  Please read some of the newsletters that Dolly has written, which are available at
We have two ways to make suggested contribution that does not interfere with cultural norms. One is to give a tax-deductible donation to AOA to buy some books the teachers want.  We can have the books ready in Iquitos for you to bring to the school and give to the teacher.  Suggested donation $30-100
Another is to host a nutritional breakfast at a school.  Donation to AOA is $250
Or to pay two weeks salary of a nurse at the clinic $400
You can donate through PayPal using the "Donate now" button at the end of the link above


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