Is Malaria a problem there?


In the Loreto Department malaria is currently a problem only in one zone SSW of Iquitos.  It has not yet been a problem in downtown Iquitos or the Tahuayo River basin.  In the zone of infection two species of malaria, vivex and falciparum, are carried by a single species of mosquito, Anopheles darlingi.  Anopheles darlingi is active in the hour just before dawn.  We recommend mosquito repellant if you are doing excursions before dawn.  About 25% of our travelers choose to use malaria prophylaxis.  The pharmaceutical most effective (almost 98%) against the strain of falciparum in Loreto is Larium. Larium does have serious side effects; check with your physican about this. No one has yet been infected with malaria on our trips in the Tahuayo region and most people chose not to use malaria prophylaxis during their visit.