Cost and Trip Length

Amazonia Expeditions is open all year round, which allows for you to come whenever you’d like and stay for however long you want.

The Amazon Rainforest, and the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve in particular, is a beautiful mosaic of ecosystems with unique communities of flora and fauna. In order to see more than just one or two of these ecosystems during your stay, an investment of several days is recommended.

The cost of some sample itineraries can be found below. No single supplement is charged for solo travelers, but families or groups may qualify for a discount.

Daily excursions can be customized to your interest. We can offer half day morning and afternoon excursions between meals at the lodges. Or we can do full day excursions with picnic lunch. Or multiple day wilderness camping. Your guide is even available for before dawn and evening excursions at no extra charge.