Limited internet access is available at our lodge to allow you to stay connected while you enjoy your stay in the Amazon. Although the connection is generally good enough for communication, there can still be considerable lag as we are located in a rainforest.

Electricity is provided by solar panels and batteries, so you can recharge camera batteries during the recommended charging times or use a CPAP machine if needed. The lighting around the lodge is provided by soft LED lights rather than the more dangerous kerosene lamps used in most other lodges.

Throughout the duration of your stay, daily laundry service can be provided for a small charge. Laundry staff can be found at both lodges.

The food prepared by our culinary staff is authentic to the region, and often will display dishes from the different parts of Peru. Our experience in sanitary food and water preparation provides a unique opportunity for our guests to eat even salads and unpeeled fruit, which are items that are not generally recommended for consumption by tourists in South America. Special diets can be accommodated with prior notice.

Amazonia Expeditions provides basic equipment for you to use during your stay. This includes camping equipment for those participating in the camping experience, as well as basic fishing supplies and boots. More advanced equipment for peacock bass fishing, and other more rigorous activities has to be provided by the guest.

Both of our lodges have modern flush toilets and showers, which use a sanitary septic system. The water used in the plumbing comes from a well rather than from the river, which is typical of most jungle lodges. However, like all other jungle lodges, we only have cold water showers to prevent the spread of micro-bacteria.

Family Cabin

1st Floor : Master Bed and Bath
2nd Floor : Twin Beds and Bath

A perfect getaway for the family, come join us in our Family cabins with beautiful furnishings that allow you to enjoy the jungle in comfort with your family.

Family Suite

1 King Bed ; 2 Twin Beds

Hammock and Bath

Large spacious rooms that allow for comfort and relaxation. Hammock included inside of room alongside 3 beds.

Couple Suite

1 Queen Bed and Bath

Comfortable room with one queen bed that allows for comfort and relaxation while in the jungle.


2 Twins and Bath

Comfortable room with two twin beds and a bath for comfort while traveling in the jungle

Large Standard

4 Twins and Bath

Travel with a larger group with 4 twin beds and a bathroom with Amazonia Expeditions today!

Student Cabins

Twins, Queens, Shared Bathroom

Our student cabins, which include 7 rooms, allows for larger groups such as students to travel together. These cabins have shared bathrooms, and allow for 3-4 people per room.


1 Queen, Shared Bathroom

Bedroom with 1 Queen bed. All rooms in the Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge have shared bathrooms with other rooms.

2 Twins

2 Twin Beds, Shared Bathroom

Bedroom with two twin beds. All rooms in the Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge have shared bathrooms with other rooms.

3 Twins

3 Twin Beds, Shared Bathroom

Bedroom with 3 Twin Beds. All rooms in the Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge have shared bathrooms with other rooms.