Activity Types

During your stay in our lodges, you will have a wide range of activities to choose from. Some activities may be unavailable for that day due to weather conditions, season or other logistical concerns. Here are some of the favorite options for activities with Amazonia.

Signature Eco Tour Activities

girl protected with safety harness walking across the canopy walkway in the amazon jungle about 80 feet above the ground

Canopy Experience

lake swimming

Lake Swimming

Woman using binoculars


jungle canoeing

Forest Canoeing

The most beautiful and the most terrifying specimens can be found in the jungle. The Giant Jawed Sawyer Beetle (Macrodontia cervicornis) is one of the largest insects that can be found in the Amazon, growing to about the size of a human hand.

Insect Collecting

Girl hiking into the rainforest with near Tahuayo Lodge



Primate Search


Frog Experience


Nature Photography

anaconda photographed by guest

Anaconda Search

sunrise hike

Sunrise Expedition

photo of pink river dolphin leaping out of the water

Pink Dolphins

Three guests showing piranha catch for the day

Piranha Fishing

photo of guest holding peacock bass caught while staying at Amazonia Expedition's Tahuayo Lodge


Guests and Guides eating in the rainforest

Jungle Survival


Night Hike