Explore Amazonia's Rich Wildlife

Amazonia Expeditions provides an immersive wildlife experience, inviting you to embark on guided tours that reveal the mesmerizing beauty and biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. Our excursions offer encounters with a diverse array of creatures, from elusive mammals to captivating avian species and fascinating aquatic life. Whether you're a dedicated wildlife enthusiast, an angler, a passionate birder, or just a nature lover, our expertly tailored tours are designed to deepen your connection with the Amazon's remarkable inhabitants, enriching your understanding of this unique ecosystem and making your journey a truly unforgettable adventure.

A Birdwatcher's Paradise

Our expertly guided birdwatching tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the unparalleled biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. As you journey through this ecological wonderland, you'll encounter a dazzling array of avian species, from colorful toucans to elusive harpy eagles. Our experienced guides will lead you to the best birding spots, sharing their vast knowledge and passion for these magnificent creatures. Whether you're a seasoned birder or a novice enthusiast, our tours are tailored to your interests and skill level, making it a remarkable experience for all.

A Fishing Adventure Like No Other

Our guided fishing experiences take you to remote, pristine waters teeming with an abundance of exotic fish species. Our fishing tours take you to the heart of this aquatic wonderland, where you'll encounter a diverse array of fish species, from the renowned peacock bass to captivating catfish.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, our seasoned guides will lead you to the best fishing spots and share their local insights, ensuring a rewarding and thrilling adventure. Join us for a one-of-a-kind fishing expedition in the Amazon, where every cast is a chance for an unforgettable catch.

Unforgettable Primate Encounters

Join our expert guides as you traverse the lush rainforest, witnessing the acrobatics of spider monkeys, the playful bonds of wooly monkeys, and maybe even the unforgettable sight of the elusive red-faced uakari. The Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve boasts an astonishing diversity of primate species, surpassing any other protected park or reserve globally, with at least 15 distinct species. Whether you're a seasoned primatologist or simply intrigued by nature's wonders, our tours cater to your knowledge level, ensuring an educational and unforgettable adventure. Learn more about the species you can see on your trip through the link below. 

Discovering the Poison Dart Frog

Unveil the enigmatic world of poison dart frogs on a full day excursion through the dense Terra Firme biome within the rainforest to search for these captivating and colorful amphibians. Led by you personal guide, you'll explore their hidden habitats and learn about their mesmerizing behavior. Discover the secrets behind their vibrant hues and toxic properties while gaining a deeper understanding of their role in the jungle's delicate ecosystem. Embark on a journey that combines education, adventure, and a profound appreciation for the Amazon's microcosmic wonders.

Encounter Pink River Dolphins

These gentle giants, scientifically known as Inia geoffrensis, are a symbol of the Amazon's aquatic wonder. Join us on an extraordinary journey to witness these unique creatures in their natural habitat, while respecting the sanctity of their space. Our tours are designed to provide a meaningful and memorable experience while keeping the welfare of the Pink River Dolphins as our top priority. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover, our guided tours offer an unforgettable experience, deepening your appreciation for the Amazon's natural wonders and teaching the importance of preserving their habitat.