Welcome to Paradise
Hammock Room
Lounge in the Tahuayo Lodge
Relaxation in the Jungle
Bar Available
High Quality Food

The Tahuayo Lodge

Wi-fi Available

Satellite Phone

Solar and LED Energy

Gourmet Cuisine

In our main lodge, you will have access to the comforts of home to make your stay more enjoyable. The Tahuayo Lodge sits above the jungle floor on stilts and is connected to other buildings of the lodge by a raised boardwalk, and allows for travel to the other areas of the lodge to mingle with others.

These areas include our beautifully refurbished dining hall and bar as well as our conservation education library and hammock room that will allow you to relax in comfort.


The rooms at the Tahuayo Lodge allow for various preferences in travel. Family cabins, rooms with private bathrooms, and shared bathroom cabins for groups.

The modern flush toilets and showers use a sanitary septic system. The water used in the plumbing comes from a well rather than water pumped from the river, which is typical of most jungle lodges. There is some electricity provided by solar panels and batteries, so guests can recharge camera batteries or use CPAP machine. Lighting is provided by soft LED lights rather than the more dangerous kerosene lamps used in most other lodges. Satellite based phone, internet, and e-mail service are usually available (the satellite system can be glitchy).


Our newly refurbished kitchen has been built to the highest standard of sanitary food preparation.

The delicious meals served in the dining hall is prepared by a culinary staff and often feature dishes that are popular in many regions are peru. Special diets can be accommodated with prior notice. We have much experience in sanitary food and water handling and preparation and thus you can eat anything served at the lodge, even salads and unpeeled fruit, items that are not generally recommended for consumption by tourists in South America.

The Amazon Research Center Lodge

The highlight of the Amazon Research Lodge is the 1 million acres of jungle that it protects. Guests of the Main Lodge are encouraged to also spend time at the Research Center as there are more chances to see wildlife and to hike in a variety of unique ecosystems. It is also farther away from communities, so very little boat traffic passes by this section of the rainforest. The lodge itself is smaller than the main lodge, with shared bathrooms, excellent food, a relaxing hammock room close to the forest and internet access.
The Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center (TRARC), is part of a conservation initiative which was started by working with government offices in Iquitos and in collaboration with several universities and organizations across America. The research center was approved by the Tahuayo River villages’ Comite de Gestion in return for the facility’s sharing of project findings with the region’s indigenous villages.

The Research Center initiative was developed to promote new collaborative projects in conservation biology, environmental studies, cultural anthropology, and more in the Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal de Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (ACRCTT). Auxiliary support is provided by TRARC projects that bear particular promise toward helping promote sustainable developments among ribereños culture in this large and precious portion of western Amazonia. Work with our scientific board members, for example, will augment villagers’ knowledge of their rainforest plants, while progressively illuminating the spectacularly diverse plant communities of ACRCTT for modern science. To learn more about the history of this lodge, and the current research we are undertaking, click here