The Tahuayo Lodge

THE TAHUAYO LODGE   Recognized as one of the ten best wilderness lodges in the world by Outside Magazine     Travel to the lodge requires that you fly into Iquitos, Peru. From Iquitos we take you by boat up … Read More

How To View #1 Ranking in Trip Advisor

How To View #1 Ranking in Trip Advisor   We at Amazonia pride ourselves as now being ranked as the #1 Specialty Lodge in all of Peru as of June 21, 2017. To see how our company stacks up against … Read More

The Reintroduction of Woolly Monkeys into Nature

The Reintroduction of Woolly Monkeys into Nature Dorilla and two siblings (Andrea and Steven) were small infants when they were confiscated from the illegal pet traffic in Belen floating market in Iquitos. At the time we were friends with the … Read More

Bird List

BIRD LIST At Amazonia Expeditions, you will have access to an enormous amount of birds. Below is a list of birds of the Rio Tahuayo Area in Loreto Peru. Provisional List of Birds of the Rio Tahuauyo areas, Loreto, Peru … Read More

KUKAMA (Cocama) Culture

KUKAMA (Cocama) Culture   The Kukama are an original culture of the Amazon Rainforest. They thrived in the rainforest for hundreds of years before the Spanish explorers arrived. The Kukama first made contact with explorers in 1549 during a Spanish … Read More

A Birding Experience from our Main Lodge on the Tahuayo River

A Birding Experience from our Main Lodge on the Tahuayo River The Tahuayo River basin is one of the great experiences for birders in the upper Amazon basin. On excursions from our two lodges we have documented over 600 species … Read More

Why Choose Amazonia?

WHY CHOOSE AMAZONIA  We at Amazonia Expeditions pride ourselves on being the highest ranked lodge in the Upper Amazon Basin that provides the best service for our guests in every regard. Here are 10 reasons for why we have always … Read More

Your Zika and Malaria Free Experience

Your Zika and Malaria Free Experience   Zika and Malaria are not a problem in the Tahuayo River basin. The only species of mosquito that carries Zika is Aedes aegypti, which is also the sole species of mosquito that can carry dengue or yellow … Read More

Our Charitable Activities

AMAZONIA’S CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES Community Service The indigenous community of the Tahuayo River basin consists of approximately 5,000 people who live in 12 villages. Many of our staff were born in these villages and the communities have a long history of … Read More


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I request a salt free diet? It is critically important to ingest sufficient quantity of salt in a rainforest environment. Most people from a northern clime sweat profusely, as the body attempts to cool itself in the … Read More