Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center

Our Research Lodge has the primary focus of being as close to nature as possible. This quiet 8 room lodge has access to a 1000 acre trail grid to observe nature at its most pure. Join us and return to nature

The trail grid behind the research center lodge covers 52 miles spread over 1000 acres. It is the largest trail system offered in the Amazon. It is the best hike known in the Amazon for viewing primates in their natural environment. Twelve species of primates have significant populations on the grid:

  • 95 squirrel monkeys
  • 170 tamarins (2 species)
  • 90 titi monkeys (2 species)
  • 25 brown capuchins
  • 15 white-fronted capuchins
  • 25 pygmy marmosets
  • 25 night monkeys (2 species)
  • 35 saki monkeys (2 species)

Other mammals living on the grid include: coati, tamandua, giant anteater, tapir, peccary (2 species), deer (2 species), ocelot, jaguar, paca, agouti, agouchi, armadillo, pygmy tree squirrel, Amazon tree squirrel, opossum (many species), rat (many species), sloth (2 species), kinkajou, tayra, and bat (approx 70 species).

Grants and Research Support

Amazonia Expeditions provides grants to researchers looking to operate in the Amazon Jungle….

Our process to give grants to researchers includes these steps

1) Step 1

2) Step 2

3) Step 3

Click here to learn more about applying for a grant

Even if you’re not planning on applying for a grant, we provide support for scientists researching the area including
– Access to our onsite scientists for questions
– Access to Guides to travel into jungle
– Onsite microscopes, internet access, computers etc


Diary of a Jungle Guide

by Paul Beaver

Diary of a Jungle Guide

Research Papers

Myster, R. (2007). Interactive Effects of Flooding and Forest Gap Formation on Tree Composition and Abundance in the Peruvian Amazon. Folia Geobotanica, 42(1), 1-9.