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The strength of Amazonia’s itinerary lies in the incredible variety of choices available to you.

The great ecological diversity in the Tahuayo River basin allows an opportunity to see and do many things, so we encourage longer trips; one to two weeks is a typical length of stay. We can also accommodate short trips of less then one week.

Our lodges on the Tahuayo River have access to a great variety of ecosystems that we can explore as well as many native communities downriver.

There are sufficient highly trained English and Spanish speaking native men and women guides so that each person can go at their own pace and according to their interests. This is ideal for people who do not want to be stuck with a large group on an itinerary predetermined to serve the lowest common denominator. You can choose a photographer’s pace, a soft pace or a ruggedly adventurous pace. You can concentrate on birding, canoeing, canopy exploration, fishing or native culture. You can be active all day long, including before breakfast or well into the evening or relax and take it easy in our hammock room. All can be customized to your individual needs. Families can have a private guide who specializes in working with preteens or young teens. Special itineraries are available for marriages, honeymoons, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

There are many facilities, offered by no other tour operators, to give you unique experiences in exploring the rainforest. One example is our canopy zipline experience. Some companies have canopy walkways or towers, but only with Amazonia can you actually fly from tree to tree, with nothing to obscure your view, nothing underfoot except a hundred feet of rainforest. Tourists with passionate interests in primates, orchids, native culture or other subjects may request to participate in scientific studies sponsored by Amazonia Expeditions.

For tourists interested in conservation research we have a trail grid behind our research center where we find 40 troops of resident primates representing 12 different species.

The trail grid behind the research center lodge offers 52 miles of hiking over 1000 acres. It is the longest system of trails in the Amazon. This is the best hike known in the Amazon for viewing primates in their natural environment.

Travelers thirsting for the ultimate in adventure can leave the lodge with their guide and camp in old growth terra firme forest.

Take a look at a sample itinerary. Most activities are available year round, but if there are recommended seasons, these are noted in parentheses.

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