Understanding the Seasons in the Amazon

What is the best season to visit the Amazon?

This is a common question we get from most people that are visiting the lodge for their first time. The simple answer to this question is ANYTIME. There is no time that is better for visiting the jungle than any other. There is a wet season and a dry season. Each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but one is not better than the other.




The wet/dry season differs within the Amazon basin depending how far south/north, east/west you are. In the upper Amazon basin around Iquitos, Peru, we have a bell curve of water level in the Amazon River by Iquitos (see graph), which peaks the end of April. Water level is determined by melting snow and glaciers in the Andes Mountains, especially from the huge glacial mass in central Peru known as the Cordillera Blanca. 

The hottest time of year is when the sun is directly overhead upon its return from the Tropic of  Capricorn, which is near the first of March.

Water Level Monthly Average

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 The water from the snowmelt takes some time to flood the Amazon basin around Iquitos, so we start to see the seasonal flooding of the lower ecosystems of the Amazon forest in late March, reaching its peak of flooding by late April.

As the seasonal flood spreads through the forest, the probability of rain increases due to evaporation/condensation. In April and May, we may have 65% chance of rain at some point during the day (usually late afternoon), while in September and October the daily probability of precipitation falls to about 35% (usually late afternoon storm).



Impacts of wet & dry seasons on Activities

During the high-water season, we have more boating and canoeing excursions, and during the peak of most flood years only terra firme ecosystem is good for hiking. During the peak of the dry season some species, such as pink dolphins, migrate out of the Tahuayo River and excursions by boat and canoe are more limited, however, hiking opportunities are improved.

To see regular updates on water levels in our area please follow our Facebook posts.

Effect on our lodges

  • Due to Andean summers becoming longer and hotter, we have had seasonal floods exceed the average water level in each of the past 15 years, with two devastating floods in 2012 and 2015, which impacted native communities, regional agriculture and even flooded homes and businesses in Iquitos city.

  • Only once have we had issues conducting tours during the flood season. In 2012 the main lodge was flooded, and we built a temporary lodge for our guests in high forest. After having some parts of the main lodge flooded again in 2015 we re-built the main lodge much higher, to withstand any conceivable flood. The research center lodge is on higher ground, but it was also flooded in 2012 and 2015, although it was closed only for a few days. With the improvements to our lodges we have been able to always stay open and continue operating tours throughout the bad flood years, while the other 90% of lodge operators in Iquitos shut down.

  • Dry conditions in August-November can also occasionally have impact if the level of water in the rivers get too low. If the rivers get too low, it takes longer to get to the main lodge and can be a laborious process to get to the remote research center lodge. On a few occasions we came close to temporarily closing the research center but that has not yet happened.


Our time in the jungle was an absolute highlight on our trip to Peru! Truly amazing! …Again, we had the most wonderful time. Almost more than words can say. The jungle and the Tahuayo Lodge hold very special places in our hearts and CAN NOT WAIT to return. Thank you again for offering such an amazing trip.


Our trip was INCREDIBLE. The lodge was great, the food was amazing, and the staff were all so friendly. We loved our stays at the B&B, the main lodge, and the ARC.

Tia & Paula

It was incredible and a trip of a lifetime Paul! My sister Paula and I had an amazing time and loved everything — your facilities and staff are top notch and I want to come back with my husband and daughters!!

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