Biodiversity in the Amazon

Biodiversity in the Amazon           The word “biodiversity” is often heard while describing some of the most exotic places on the planet.  Some places, like the Amazon rainforest, are known as “biodiversity hotspots”. Unfortunately, the concept of biodiversity is often … Read More

Our view on “Selfie Safaris”

  Our view on “Selfie Safaris” IQUITOS REGION – Loreto, Peru To search for animals in their natural habitat is a difficult task. In the Amazon, you might see a caiman moments before it dives underwater, or a toucan just … Read More

The Reintroduction of Woolly Monkeys into Nature

The Reintroduction of Woolly Monkeys into Nature Dorilla and two siblings (Andrea and Steven) were small infants when they were confiscated from the illegal pet traffic in Belen floating market in Iquitos. At the time we were friends with the … Read More