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Galapagos Nov 18-23, 2013


Led by Amazonia Expeditions owner and founder Paul Beaver, Ph.D.

$1675 per person, double accomodation

Includes all on Galapagos except Galapagos Park tax

Does not include airfare




Nov 18

Fly to Guayaquil or Quito

Hotel not included, but we can assist


Nov 19

Baltra-Santra Cruz: Highlands

On arrival at Baltra airport a natural guide will welcome us

Bus to the Channel of Itabaca, which separates the island Baltra from Santa Cruz; here, a small ferry crosses the azure waters of the Channel in approximately 5 minutes towards the island Santa Cruz. From here, private transport with a double cabin pick up crosses the island in about 45 minutes towards Puerto Ayora and you will arrive at Fernandina hotel.

The local guide leaves with the passengers in the afternoon towards the Highlands of Santa Cruz. Driving through the rural area of the island the travelers can experience the agriculture of the archipelago as well as the diversity of its habitats. Surrounded by a wild landscape and different species of flora and fauna, it is possible to see finches which are famous for being the basis of Charles Darwin´s evolution theory.

The well-known Lava Tunnels are another amazing experience! Formed by the lava floods of the volcanoes they range from the highlands down to sea level. A track of about 30 minutes hike is intact and gives the observer an insight into their formation. Return to the town and dinner back at the hotel.


Nov 20

North Seymour-Bachas… (Santa Fe Yacht)

The departure is scheduled at about 8 am from the hotel. The group is taken to the harbor of our little town to embark on the boat for a one hour cruise to the bay of Santa Fé. This island has unique scenery: The largest cactus of the world, the Opuntia with a height of up to 5 meters and the sweet smelling Palo Santo tree are spread out over the whole island. Meet familiar acquaintances like blue-footed boobies, sea-gulls, tropical bird, magnificent frigate-birds and storm petrels. During this special time of year we can see the frigate birds displaying by inflating their red gular sacs and the blue-footed boobies doing the mating dance. Lunch on board. In the afternoon visit Barrington Bay perfect for snorkeling and swimming with the playful sea lions, marine iguanas, resident green sea turtles as well as diverse species of ray. Approximately at 16:30 return to Santa Cruz.

Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.


Nov 21

Bartolomé… (Santa Fe Yacht)

After breakfast we leave for a walk first thing in the morning to the impressive and magnificent TORTUGA BAY BEACH. It is the largest and most famous beach of white coral sand in the Galapagos Islands. Located 2.5 kilometers from the city of Puerto Ayora. Here you can find a beautiful protected natural pool, where you can swim safely with trees that provide shade. In the afternoon we will visit the PRIMICIAS RANCH to observe the famous Galapagos land tortoises in their natural environment and learn how the private ranches aid to protect these special animals and their habitat. Tortoises of all different ages and sizes are gathering here: Small young ones with shining carapaces and older ones, a little bit more ragged, with partly cracked carapaces –signs of an extraordinary long life.


Nov 22

Floreana …(North Star boat)

Departure from Hotel at 06h00 aprox. The group is taken a bus in private transport towards to the Channel of Itabaca to embark on the boat towards Bartolomé Island.

Breakfast and Lunch on board. This island has unique scenery here we can see:Galapagos Penguin, Galapagos Hawk, Green Turtle, etc. Also we can enjoy of a wonderfull landscape. Arrival to the Hotel: 17h00 aprox.


Nov 23

Charles Darwin Station-Baltra

After your brearkfast early in the morning, our naturalist guide accompanies the guests to the Charles Darwin Research Station. This station has educational museums, both about the history and development of the Galapagos Islands and the protection of its natural heritage. The endemic giant land tortoises can be observed. According to the flight schedules of our guests, we coordinate every transfer to the airport of Baltra with our guide.