La Asociacion Civil Empresa Peruana del Ano
(The Peruvian Business of the Year Association)


2009 National Geographic Adventure


  • Top Ranked in Tripadvisor
  • Amazonia Expeditions had the highest ranking by National Geographic among tour operators in Peru for the fourth straight year in 2010. We also had a 96%+ score in client satisfaction for the fourth straight year. Only a small handful of tour operators worldwide have achieved such consistently high scores in client satisfaction. These National Geographic surveys were discontinued after 2010.
  • Top 5 of Best Wildlife Lodges in Peru according to Kim Kim article in January 2018 [LINK]
  • Recognized as having one of the world’s top ten ziplines in the December 2015 issue of Zozi Journal
  • First prize for private institution contributing to animal welfare awarded by the Amazon Cares Foundation in March 2014
  • The only jungle lodge out of Iquitos to win Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence every year in 2012-2016.
  • Our jungle lodges on the Tahuayo received mention on the Places to Stay list (page 60) in the May 2012 issue of National Geographic Traveler “50 Tours of a Lifetime.
  • A feature article in Science Illustrated describes our work on the trail grid at the Research Center Lodge, investigating population dynamics of primate species and population density of jaguar as important research in the conservation of these species..
  • Amazonia Expeditions was included as one of the world’s best trips in Outpost Magazine’s 2011 Global Travel Guide. We were one of 10 trips from South America and the only one in the Amazon basin.
  • National Geographic Adventure
  • In the National Geographic Adventure Magazine December 2008 issue Amazonia Expeditions was a major part of the lead article “The Big Trip: Peru.” A photo of our canopy system took up a full page on page 40 and on page 42 discussion of the Amazon rainforest our “Tahuayo Lodge takes top honors…”
  • A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Amazonia Expeditions has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for 18 years without any complaint filed.
  • In 2008 we once again were the top rated Amazon company in Peru according to the National Geographic rating system, once again scoring a perfect 100 in client satisfaction.
  • In 2007 we were rated by National Geographic as among the top 160 outfitters in the world. We were the top rated Amazon company in Peru. We were one of only 17 companies to get a perfect 100 score in client satisfaction; the only outfitter in South America to get a perfect score in client satisfaction.
  • Named as one of the world’s top ten travel finds in Outside Magazine’s Travel Guide for 2001. Page 40.
  • Outpost Magazine Annual Guide 2004 Selected as “One of 5 Great Places to Park Your Wanderlusting Butt.”
  • Won Citation of Honor from Peru’s Dept. of Industry and Tourism for “adherence to exceptional standards in the field of tourism.”
  • The Guide to Peruvian Birds mentions Amazonia’s lodge as the best place in Peru to see the Rufous-winged Wood Rail, the Rufous-necked Puffbird and other species.
  • Trip #8 of the 100 Best Trips in the World selected in Outpost Annual 2003
  • Outside Magazine March 2002 issue, feature article: “25 Trips of a Lifetime”… We are #18; the only Amazon tour company included.
  • Rated as the “Most acclaimed lodge of Peru’s Northern Amazon” in the Guide to Peru (Moon Handbooks) pub 2004.
  • Outpost Magazine Travel Guide 2002 selection as one of the “Sixty Best trips in the World” (the only Amazon trip selected).
  • Amazonia Expeditions operates the Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center, with institutional collaboration from Yale University, Columbia College, Chicago Botanic Garden, Missouri Botanical Society and the Field Museum.
  • Discovery Channel’s Science of Survival episode, aired on April 14, 2006, was filmed on our site and with the assistance of our staff.
  • Bob Howell’s story of his experience with Amazonia Expeditions, published in January 2001 Outside Magazine, won the Gold Award from the Society of American Travel Writers as best feature article published in 2001 in the Adventure Travel category.
  • A documentary shown on the Outdoor Life Network on our jungle survival training was awarded the “Silver Teddy” as the best Outdoor Documentary televised in 2001. Copies of the documentary can be purchased from Amazonia Expeditions.
  • International ecotourism researcher Wendy Daelman, from the University of Brighton, found Amazonia Expeditions to run an “exemplary” ecotourism program.
  • Fully licensed and insured in both the United States (Florida #10118) and Peru.
  • Supporting member of The International Ecotourism Society.
  • Supporting member of the Rainforest Conservation Fund.
  • Provides aid to selected scientists studying in Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo.
  • Only tour operator with years of experience camping in the western Amazon.
  • The greatest range of itinerary options in the Amazon.
  • Our canopy zipline was recently described in the news as one of the world’s most exciting ziplines.

What our former travelers’ have said…

“Effie and I had a wonderful time exploring the Amazon. We never expected to get so close to a wild jaguar, you should have seen the look on our guide Rody’s face! We were stunned. I imagine that the cat’s presence is an indication the reserve has created a safe home for her and others. Rody and Josea were exceptional. They work well together. We viewed two snakes while hiking, one Rody called a viper. It seemed transparent and was yellow, about four feet long. We do not recall the species, if you talk to Rody could you ask him the name? The second snake was a giant Green Anaconda.”paradise-tanager-fredrik-2015

– Richard Rebsamen, Oakland, CA

“Everyone at the jungle lodge was fantastic. The staff really goes out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable. It was a great experience and I have recommended it to several people. The arrangements for Cusco and the surrounding area were great. Thanks for a fantastic vacation.”
– Michelle Gately, Medford, MA

“In my lifetime of 45 years I have never encountered such a wonderful group of people as those that you employ at your lodge. All of the guides were wonderful with our children as well as the rest of us! We felt like a huge family. All of the experiences with nature will remain close to me heart. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention the food. The wonderful flavors were fabulous.”
-Dale Burrell and daughter Melanie (9 yrs)

“Thank you for a PHENOMENAL trip. Juan Luis was an incredible guide. Not only did he have an accurate answer for every question, but also knew the Spanish, English and scientific names of every species encountered. He had a great sense of humor and was genuinely interested in providing us with the most complete jungle experience possible. Some of what we saw and did: camped in the high forest; caught piranha; saw 9 species of monkeys; experienced the canopy system; found jaguar claw marks on a tree; identified hundreds of bird species; had a session with a village shaman; canoed past lily pads and hoatzin birds; etc., etc.”
-Jerroid Marks

“First, let me say that I don’t think that I could have made a better choice than Amazonia Expeditions. The staff was wonderful and try to be as helpful as possible, and work at catering your activities to meet your particular interests. The meals were delicious. My students and I had a fantastic fantastic experience and can hardly wait for our return in July.”jaguar-at-a20-2-best
– Arnold Stark, Seffner, FL

“Just a quick note of appreciation for allowing Anne and I to experience the incredible environment of the Amazon jungle. The unique experience of participating in the lifestyle of the friendly people and abundant wildlife was made even better by the professional operation you have put together. To be so remote, the lodge was run with the efficiency and customer care of any stateside resort. It was very obvious to us that this was not coincidence. We could tell the staff had been picked carefully and the daily schedule and activities were well thought out. We spent most of our time with Robinson, Rudy and Larissa. We will display pictures of these knowledgeable and engaging guides as though they are a part of our family. Robinson’s leadership skills kept everyone together and engaged in humorous activities. It was evident from the way people in the lodge and villages looked up to him that he was a born leader. We shared some of our most memorable adventures with Rudy. We climbed the Kapok tree, we caught an Anaconda and we introduced ourselves to a Fer De Lance, all with Rudy protectively at our side. As families do, Larissa came to the airport on her day off to say good bye. In fact, I have a picture of Robinson and Rudy that should be the cover to your next marketing brochure. If I can digitize it I will email it to you. Again, thanks for a wonderful experience and keep us on your mailing list.”
– Steve Thompson, Cumming, GA

“I’m sure you hear this all the time, but we loved our trip to Amazonia Lodge. To be so warmly invited into a completely different world – completely different culture – for the week was truly not just an educational experience, but an experience of the heart as well. Your staff is outstanding. Each one was respectful and patient with us gringos, teaching us and showing us all those things we’d never see if left to our own devices. In particular, they were able to draw my kids into the wonders of the jungle so that, by the end of the week, the kids didn’t want to leave. My 16 y.o. daughter Clare and her friend Lydia read me their travel journals during our 5-hour drive home from Sea-Tac Airport yesterday afternoon – both of them learned SO much, saw SO much that I hadn’t even been aware of. They are both very unhappy to be home and would much rather be back in the jungle. Aaron is back in college, wearing his pirahna head necklace, and already begging us to send some of the digital pictures we took so that he can show his friends. And 14 y.o. Nate was fascinated by it all.”blue-morpho-butterfly
– Gretchen Brauer-Rieke

“Thank you for the perfect adventure. Your planning was impeccable, down to every little detail. The service we received was flawless. The guides were superlative. Everything was better than we could’ve ever imagined, surpassing all of our expectations. We were able to optimize every moment as you thought of everything. The personnel were all knowledgeable and highly capable. They met us at every stop along the way, always on time and with great energy. The staff made travel seamless and worry free. The lodges in the Amazon were so comfortable and well run. The adventures were endless and always different and exciting. We enjoyed everything about the lodges, including the hammock room, local food preparations, service, and of course the views were amazing. The guides, drivers and staff were highly qualified and provided for all of our needs. Our entire family, including the children, Jared (9) and Logan (7), were continually stimulated and still left with enough time to leisurely appreciate the incredible surroundings. Our guide was particularly competent. He worked so well with the children going well above the call of duty by addressing all of the special requirements necessary for them to explore the river and jungle with fascination and awe, as well as play hide and seek with them in the downtime. We learned so much from our guide about his knowledge of nature and the culture in the region. He taught the kids to fish, pulled them out of knee deep mud and even carried Logan through some more difficult hikes. He was unbelievably skilled at spotting the wild life, we tracked monkeys through dense jungle, found caimans by moonlight and fed bananas to Dorilla the monkey, while she sat on our laps. There are not enough fond words to describe how impressed we were with him. We can’t thank you and your staff enough for making this such a great experience for all of us.”
– The Hirsch Family