1. Leading Biodiversity

We have unparalleled access to the 1+ million-acre Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area (ACRCTT). This region has been described by biologists as having the greatest biodiversity yet documented in the Amazon Basin. This region is especially rich in Monkeys (16 species), birds (over 600 species), and other species, including the endangered Giant River Otter, Amazon River Dolphin (pink dolphin), and the Bald Red Uakari, one of the rarest primates on Earth.

2. No Handling/Harassment of Wildlife/Exploitation

It is part of our ethical mission to not handle or disturb wildlife in their natural setting. If you are looking for a selfie holding wildlife, then this is not the trip for you. All the animals you will see with us are truly wild, and we have no pets, cages, or trained animals.

3. The top-rated ecotourism company in the Amazon Rainforest

  • Trip Advisor #1 rated Lodge in the Amazon, #1 rated in Peru, and #1 in all of South America.
  • 2019 Winner: Premio Nacional del Ambiente the highest environmental honor personally awarded by the President of Peru for environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Rated #1 in the western Amazon by National Geographic for conservation practices.
  • We helped to create and manage the 450,000 hectare (1 million acre) Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area.

    4. Canopy Experience

    Experience the Tree Giants & Canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. Completely rebuilt in 2019, our NEW Canopy Experience allows you to explore 6 canopy platforms and zoom through the rainforest on 4 ziplines more than 100 ft above the rainforest floor. All excursions including the Canopy Experience are included in the cost of your trip.

      5. The BEST Guides in the Amazon Rainforest

      Head Guide Nelly visiting the local community with guests

        Head Guide Claudio exploring the flooded forest with guest

          You will have a private jungle guide for the duration of your trip. All guides are certified in wilderness first aid, fluent in English, and frequently given classroom training by doctoral-level biologists. We have a permanent, professional staff who receive benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and retirement fund. Unfortunately, nearly all other companies use strictly temporary contracts therefore denying workers these benefits. During the COVID-19 pandemic we were one of few to keep our workforce employed during the 14-month tourism shutdown. Our staff is 100% vaccinated against COVID. Learn more about our guides here.

            6. Meaningful contribution to the local communities

            We maintain close, meaningful, relations with the local Tahuayo communities. Together with our nonprofit foundation Angels of the Amazon we have built a Level 1 Hospital (meeting all criteria of the Ministry of Health) on the Tahuayo. Donations and tourism revenue pay for staff, equipment, and supplies. We offer regular dental clinics and vaccination drives. We have built a high school for the communities of the upper Tahuayo River and have rebuilt the elementary school. We organize & support economic initiatives such as the women’s artisan’s cooperative. To learn more about our mission and projects see here.

              7. Safety

              No other ecolodge in the Amazon basin takes safety measures as we do. We are a formal business, all our boats are frequently inspected by the Peruvian Coast Guard and our boat pilots are fully licensed. All boats are supplied with flotation jackets (with correct sizes for children). Our lodge staff are trained to handle emergency situations and all guides are certified in wilderness first aid and AED use. We have quick access to a Level #1 hospital which we constructed and fund (see above). In addition, unlike other regions of Peru such as Nauta and Puerto Maldonado/Tambopata to the south. No malaria preventatives, or other vaccinations are necessary for our trips. Learn more here.

                8. Two Lodges and Trail Grid

                For longer trips, a stay at the Research Center is included in the price of your trip. Each of our lodges has access to unique ecosystems home to their own unique flora & fauna. Visiting two lodges greatly increases your chances of spotting a greater variety of wildlife.

                9. Leading Contributor to Scientific Research

                We are more than just a tourism business. Our lodges host an active program of scientific research and affiliation with leading universities and other institutions. We typically have one or more post-doctoral researchers on staff, often have students doing doctoral or masters research and offer internships in field biology for high school and college students. Our research center is registered with CONCYTEC (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion) and is considered the major field research station in the upper Amazon basin. About 3-6 scientific papers are published or presented at scientific conferences on an annual basis.

                10. Experience the REAL Amazon Rainforest & REAL Peru

                The Amazon Region is the largest in Peru (60% of Peru’s landmass) and to experience the REAL Peru, you must also experience the Amazon Rainforest. Our lodges are located 4 hours (by speed boat) from the city of Iquitos, Peru – this is how far you need to travel to reach truly untouched rainforest. This is pure wilderness – no roads, power lines, or waterlines. We offer a 100% authentic experience. You will not find any tourist traps, pet animals, or fake “tribal shows” while traveling with us.

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