Our Guides

Nelly Priscilla Pinedo Alvarado

Nelly grew up in various remote jungle villages as her mother was a teacher who moved around from one remote village to another. This gave Nelly a broader understanding of native cultures of the Amazon. As a young adult Nelly graduated from SENATI Institute with a degree in English and later worked as a translator for Doctors without Borders and then as a guide in another jungle lodge. She started with Amazonia as a trainee in 2011 and was promoted to head guide in 2012. Nelly has field research experience assisting with Rose Hores’ study of uakari monkeys. When not guiding she assists Dolly in her work for Angels of the Amazon www.angelsoftheamazon.com. In her third year as head guide Nelly has never had less than a 5 star review.

Edson Galan

Edson was born in Iquitos and went to study English in the Instituto Peruano Norteamericano in Lima. He has worked for Amazonia Expeditions for over ten years and during this time studied to become an expert in his passion of birding. He is assisted by a vast collection of bird vocalization recordings. Edson is our special guide for birders, although his gentle and humorous ways make him fun for family guiding as well.

Manuel Huayllahua

Manuel was born in Chino Village and studied at Los Andes Peruvian University. He has worked for several years with Amazonia and has two years field experience as a field assistant to primatologist Rose Hores as well as several summers as field assistant researching saki monkeys for primatologist Janice Chism. Manuel may be our best wildlife tracker and is skilled at wilderness camping and jungle survival training

Adrian Gomez Villacorta

Adrian comes from a small village on the Marañon River. His grandparents taught him skills to work and hunt in the jungle. After completing high school in Iquitos he studied English at SENATI Language Centre. He started as an intern then assistant guide with Amazonia, being promoted to head guide in 2014.

Weninger Pinedo Flores

Weninger was born in Diamante Village, located far up the Rio Blanco, a tributary of the Tahuayo River. He went to high school in Iquitos and then to the National University in Iquitos (UNAP). Weninger came to work with Amazonia in 2000 and became a head guide in 2005. He is the most accomplished arborist on staff, capable of free climbing any tree in the forest and has the responsibility of maintaining our canopy platforms and ziplines. Weninger has assisted in extensive research work with Amherst College research associate Bart Bouricius and University of Nevada ethnologist Barbara Land. He is often assigned to guests with an interest in trees, culture, or wilderness camping

Andy Bicerra

Andy graduated with a degree in Biology from the National University. He has investigated aspects of wildlife ecology for FUNDAMAZONIA (Fundación Latinoamericana para el Trópico Amazónico), the Ministry of Environment and the Wildlife Conservation Society and has conducted conservation education workshops in several native villages before coming to work for Amazonia in 2015.

Javier Anibal Alván Arévalo

Javier has worked at the Amazonia Expeditions lodges for 10 years, starting as a young teenager as an assistant in building repair, then moving up to motorboat pilot, then camping assistant and assistant guide, and after passing his guide exams with high grades was promoted to head guide in 2014.

Rafael Campos Sinti

Rafael grew up on the Tahuayo River in Esperanza Village. He learned about the jungle from his grandparents. As a young man he studied English in Iquitos at the American Computer Institute. After graduating Rafael began working as a guide for other Iquitos jungle lodges before finally winning an apprenticeship with Amazonia Expeditions then getting promoted to full guide in 2015.