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We are here to help you have the best Amazonia Experience possible. You tell us when you want to come, and we help you through the rest! We’ll be available to you from start to finish to guarantee that you have a good experience

Trip Length And Cost

When you stay with Amazonia Expeditions, the minimum length of stay is 2 day, but we highly  recommend staying for at least 8 days to see as much of this incredible region as you can. Keep in mind that the length of time you stay allows for seeing more activities, and opens up being able to stay at our Tahuayo Research Center!

Rainy Seasons

The Amazon Rainforest is generally warm and wet all year round, but there are certain times of year that have significant amounts of rainfall, and prevents certain activities such as using the zipline, and hiking in most forest areas. To the Left is rain and temperature conditions in the North East USA, and below are the conditions throughout the year!

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Your Guide

Included in the cost of your trip is a personal guide who will accompany you or your party throughout all of your activities. Each evening your guide will discuss a selection of activities that you can choose from for the next day. Based on weather, current wildlife activity patterns and other logistics, a variety of activities will be suggested. Your guide will be available to consult and help you to choose which activities best suit you. Your guide will be available from before dawn, throughout the day, and into the evening to allow you to fit in all of the activities you hope to do, whether it be sunrise birdwatching, or to observe nocturnal wildlife activity.

Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Region

Amazonia Expedition’s exclusive access to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve provides you with the opportunity to experience an unmatched variety of wildlife. The site has more species of monkeys than any protected park or reserve in the world. Scientists have also documented the greatest diversity of species of mammals and birds of any site studied in the lowland Amazon basin. We also have two species of freshwater dolphin, sloths, giant river otters and much more.


During your stay in our lodges, you will have a wide range of activities to choose from. Some activities may be unavailable for that day due to weather conditions, season or other logistical concerns. Here are some of the favorite options for activities with Amazonia.

Signature Eco Tour Activities

Group Activities

Adventure Tour Activities

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What Our Guests Say

Our time in the jungle was an absolute highlight on our trip to Peru! Truly amazing! …Again, we had the most wonderful time. Almost more than words can say. The jungle and the Tahuayo Lodge hold very special places in our hearts and CAN NOT WAIT to return. Thank you again for offering such an amazing trip.

Our trip was INCREDIBLE. The lodge was great, the food was amazing, and the staff were all so friendly. We loved our stays at the B&B, the main lodge, and the ARC.

It was incredible and a trip of a lifetime Paul! My sister Paula and I had an amazing time and loved everything — your facilities and staff are top notch and I want to come back with my husband and daughters!!

Just wanted to say what an amazing experience staying at the lodge was, I only wish I had stayed longer… I hope I can come back again soon.

The trip was wonderful! We enjoyed every bit of our stay and tour in Amazonas.