Amazonia Expeditions

Here at Amazonia Expeditions, we have annual and unique trips throughout the year that you can join. Look below to find a trip that you can join before seats run out!

Year Round Amazonia Expeditions

These trips are available at the Amazonia lodges all year round, and you can join us whenever you’re available!

Specialty Amazon Trips


Specialty Birding Tour
Recommended 9 days/ 8 nights


Specialty Fishing Adventure
Recommended 8 days / 7 nights


Hardcore Wilderness Camping

Specialty Camping Adventure
Recommended  8 days / 7 nights

Jungle Survival

Cooking in the wilderness

Specialty Survival Adventure
Recommended 8 days / 7 nights

Machu-Picchu Trips with Amazonia

Join us for an expedition to Machu-Picchu and Cusco.

Cusco / Machu-Picchu

Peruvian Andes Expedition

Combo Trip – Amazon Jungle and Machu-Picchu