Family Trip to the Amazon for $1125 per person

Come to the Amazon this year with your family and learn about the most diverse ecosystem in the world. Zipline through the forest, find beautiful animals on hikes, and go swimming in the Amazon river on this family friendly tour of the Amazon River Basin

Journey to the Tahuayo Lodge

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Come visit the Tahuayo Lodge in the Amazon Jungle and experience comfort in the jungle while you explore the area. Bug proof rooms, wifi, and food are included during your stay

Here's What People Had to Say About Us

It was amazing! One of the best trips I ever had! The animals were everywhere and it was so green and beautiful.
Shannon Taylor
We are filled inside with a million pictures and memories of multiple wildlife experiences. Johannes and I enjoyed our Africa trip very much.
Seraina Gessler
The trip was spectacular. Exceeded expectations, especially the Uganda extension. Plus the group was lots of fun, really solid folks.
Kelly Clarke

Visit Us at the Tahuayo Lodge

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Your personalized guide will be there every step of the way working towards making your journey to the Amazon a magical one. Every day, your guide will help you decided the days activities, and teach you about the Amazon as you go through your day. You can zipline through the forest, hiking through the jungle in search of poison dart frogs, swim in the basin with the piranhas, visit the native villages, and more all for $1125 per person. Click below to learn more and reserve your space!