Guide Celeste

Specialties: Herpetology

Avi (Celeste) Taricuarima

Avi, more commonly known as Celeste, is of native Cocama ancestry. She studied at the Superior Education Institute El Milagro in Iquitos city. As part of her training as a guide Celeste worked as field research assistant to Fredrik Tegner in his study of poison dart frogs and to Ludvig Orsen in his study of harlequin toads. She has a special fondness for herpetology.

Specialties: Herpetology

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What our Guests Say About Celeste

The trip was fantastic! Oh how I loved it. The animals, the kill, the people, the stars. I had never been on a tour. I always travel alone. Everyone was wonderful. The truck was full of laughter and knowledge….I can go on and on. Thanks so much!
Judy van Evera
We are filled inside with a million pictures and memories of multiple wildlife experiences. Johannes and I enjoyed our Africa trip very much.
Seraina Gessler
The trip was spectacular. Exceeded expectations, especially the Uganda extension. Plus the group was lots of fun, really solid folks.
Kelly Clarke
These past two weeks in Africa were absolutely some of the most thrilling of Jim’s and my lives. The trip was beyond expectation in so many ways. We are most grateful for having had the opportunity to travel once again with Amazonia Expeditions on such an awesome adventure.
Dian Castle

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